RaaZuu is a note taking application which helps you bring structure to your life. The notes are organized in cards, which are not just blobs of data but have a structure assigned to them based on the card type.
There are many card types built in with more getting added frequently. If you need, you can also create new card types. Or if you want to add new data fields to the built in card types, you can do that also.
You can choose a color for the card and and of course, you can add pictures to it.

You can protect your data using a PIN or Fingerprint from the settings. Please note that the data storage is not encrypted.

One of the issues with note takers is that the data resides on the servers of the app maker. RaaZuu data is not getting synchronized anywhere and stays on the device.
This means that your data is always secure with you. But you need to be careful not to lose your device or your PIN.
So save your passwords with confidence!
You can also backup & restore your data.

Currently all features are free and if you install the app now you will get all features free forever (unless you uninstall the application).

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